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light is synonymous with image, without light there is no image, though let me take a moment to show you that is not necessarily the case, 

Imagine there is an open green field infront of you, large and expansive. There are fluttering yellow butterflies dancing about the surface of your vison, and in the horizon you see a stream of light going straight up to the sky, its dazzling, beautiful and enchanting. Its calling you close through a hynpotic sound. A sound thats a rythmic wave, pulsating through the field, through the blades of grass upon which you stand, its coming towards you and it hits you as though time pulsating through your body, you are pulled with each pulse as though you were a leaf riding a wave of sound. 

The sunlight in the field slowly fades off into darkness the closer you get leaving you alone with the stream of light standing tall in the distance, pulsating, pulling you in. You let go of your resistance because you like the flow of this swaying motion as you are drawn in, closer and closer to the stream that now you can see deeper into-- As you are about to touch its surface. The pulsation stops, you are not being pulled forward anymore but rather you are standing right infront of this Crystal clear glasslike surface of this vertical stream, its like a portal into another dimension that exists right infront of your being. So you choose to reach out and touch this screen. 



The surface unfolds into fragments of light and like particles of dust they begin to float away infront of your very eyes. You watch the crystal portal entryway fade away, leaving you face to face with the world within. A world of blue light, a world filled with futuristic technology, a world in which the plants glow with lights, a world like the ones you can only dream of.  

This is a world of your creation, a world that is constructed with the light thats within yourself-- take a moment to look around you and breathe in the potential of your creation.  





I will leave you here with this realization that you have the power to create wonderful dimensions with the light that you can channel and with this knowledge i leave you to play and create the wonderful dimensions that i know you will.  

Izak IshrakiComment