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First love

oh my friend, it has been so long since we spent some time together, dancing, making magic happen. 

I remember one of my early art teacher told me once, that once you find the magic the work creates itself and you just sit back and watch. I agree with him now. Somehow there is a magic in you that i cant explain, one might call it experience ot flow or what have you, but i think there is magic in you. A magic that takes place when we are synchronized together in a beautiful dance. I saw dance because it is a conversationg, a duet that takes place between you and i, i make a move and you respond gliding across the surface leaving a mark behind. The mark you create is a conversation you are having with the space that is full of beauty and chance, i like to listen to the conversation you have with the space you interact.  

There is something beautiful when there is no distinction between who is controling who, its inseperable, you and i, together we create something that neither of us could concieve of a moment ago. But now we are doing it.