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You are keeping me up at night

thoughts, specifically thoughts about the things i wish to do, dreams to be turned into reality. Dreams of re-envisioning the way tattoos are done, following your lead brother hale (alex hale @ love hawk tattoo) i too wish to take tattooing back to its roots, its shamanistic roots where the artist is more like the medicine men rather than capitalistic businessmen, simply said, a base charge will be applied to all tattoos that anybody can afford for the supplies and after that it is: pay as you wish, whatever one is able to pay is welcome as a gift afterwards, thus everyone is treated equally regardless of ones financial status. With love i give and in love one can return, we are more creative than to have to abide by the unit of money, we in the now have a value system that thinks beyond monetary value and thinks rather in time and energy, thats the language i wish to speak and it is my firm belief that there are others out there who is able to understand the language of love, the language of time, the language of energy. A language thats true.

Izak IshrakiComment