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All is well

love for the more you love, the more love you have, it is something like knowledge in a way, my mom used to tell me, knowledge is the only thing you have that nobody can take away from you. There was also this riddle that i recall from childhood, what is the one thing that the more you use, the better it gets... the brain/the mind. (Yes i know these examples are rather simplistic and elememtary in its proposition, however as a kid these things were sort of reveltory and good lessons to have. Now i propose in similar light, the notion that love is something that the more you give Is the more you have, it isn't something that you can run out of, for if you run out of love to give then i have to suggest that you are drawing your love from sources that are limited. Try to draw your love from the source of the universe, that way you have more to give then you can ever hold. You simply become the vessel through which love flows. :) try it, as the love flows through you, watch it go, feel it pass through your being, its a rather pleasant feeling i must say

Izak IshrakiComment